International Opportunity

Become a TECHNOFuture Associate in your country today!

TECHNOFurue is looking to expand its network with people who have expertise in working within the education community. If you do not have a TECHNOFuture associate in your area, you can have an exclusive area franchise to meet the needs of your unique marketplace.

How can TECHNOFuture serve students in your area?

Techno Future is an International STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) project- based curriculum designed for student’s development centers and schools for ages 4 -17 years.
Techno Future was founded in 2006 and now has more than 15 branches and implemented in over than 60 schools in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.
Techno Future provides unique curriculum through many activities and services to schools and individual students in your area.

Students Services:

  • After-school student’s development programs.
  • Weekends programs and activities.
  • Workshops and seasonal technology education events.
  • Regional/Summer technology Camps.

Schools Services:

  • School Curriculum and extra curricula activities.
  • We host School field trips.
  • Schools Summer Camps.
  • Qualify schools teams to participate in National and International Robotics Competitions and Science Fairs.

Techno Future curricula are categorized according to age groups. Each age group has many technology and science tracks that address different skills. A track is a bundle of courses and activities that introduce and address specific related topics as follows:
4-6 years

  • Technology projects for developing kids

7-9 years

  • Junior Robotics Programming & Design Track
  • Young Scientists Track

+10 years

  • Robotics Programming & Design Track
  • Robo Electronics Track
  • Scientific Research & Technical Writing Track
  • Web Design & Development Track
  • Graphics & Multimedia Track

Need to know more about this Business opportunity?

TECHNO Future grants the franchisee (your organization), the license to operate TECHNO Future Curricula for the duration of (3) years solely within the premises agreed upon and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement. The use of the curricula includes courses, workshops, camps and all TECHNO Future educational activities.

The license provides the franchisee (your organization) with the flowing:

  • Business know-how
  • Curricula and teaching materials.
  • Staff development and training.
  • Staff training includes teachers, sales and administration personnel.
  • Technical Support: During the duration of the contract, TECHNO Future support is available to support the franchiser with ideas for student’s activities and technology camps that raise the Franchisee revenue.
  • All confidential, technical and commercial information relating to the operation of TECHNO Future Curricula is also provided.

However, Techno Future (the franchisor) has the right to evaluate and audit the quality of services provided by the franchisee (your organization) anytime during the contract duration.

Why people choose TECHNOFuture ?

When today’s graduates begin to enter the workforce, chances are that they will be working in jobs that have not been created yet. They will need the ability to think creatively in order to succeed in our rapidly changing world. In TECHNOFuture, students grow in their self confidence and self esteem while they build solid foundation for future learning. We work in TECHNOFuture to :

  1. Prepare young generations for Life
  2. Develop Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
  3. Build Communication and presentation Skills.
  4. Teach the Application and Transfer of Knowledge.
  5. Promote Leadership and Personal Growth.
  6. Encourage a Lifelong Love of Learning.

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