Parallax is a hands-on entryway to electronics and programming using real-world electronic components. It explores subjects such as Robotics, inventing, sensors, process control, physics, analog and digital signals—excellent topics for STEM programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). There are 2 main objectives for this course;

1) Electronics

In this course, students learn how to build the robot by assembling all mechanical and electronic parts including servo motors to make it move, micro-controller which is the programmable chip, connecting different components as capacitors, resistors, LEDs, switches and jumpers.

2) Programming

Students will learn PBASIC language stands for Parallax; BASIC is one of the main programming languages. Students will develop different programs to controls the robots.

Students who will study parallax robot will be able to join the mini-Sumo competitions. In this competition two robot compete to push each other out of a certain area on the playground the heaviest, smartest robot who will win to push the other out of this area will be the winner.

Who Should Attend?

Ages 12-17 | Preferably with Electronics or programming background.

3 Levels