In this course, students will be engaged in the use Advance NXT-G programming Lego NXT-G programming language techniques they will use using programming structures such as loops, switches, and parallel sequences and the sensors in the NXT kit to provide a sense of environmental navigation based on data received by the attached sensors. There will be a set of small design challenges that will explore the effectiveness of the sensor and progress to the use of the sensor to activate another prescribed action.

Students are introduced to the engineering design process, mechanical design, and computer programming through a series of activities and projects based upon the Lego Mindstorms NxT Robotics prototyping system.
Students learn construction methods with Lego Technics beams through the design of a sturdy chair. Use of gears to gain increases of speed or torque is explored.

Finally, the various building and programming techniques learned are applied to one or more open-ended design challenges, such as FLL & WRO competitions.

This course will develope the following skills:

    1. Communication & teamwork.
    2. Creative problem solving.
    3. Think creatively to make a working model.
    4. Develop communication skills.
    5. Brainstorm ideas.
    6. Display and summarize data.
    7. Think logically to create a program.
    8. Hands-on experience with the Robotics design & building process.
    9. Advanced mechanical engineering concepts.
    10. Advanced programming concepts.


Who Should Attend?

Ages 10-17 | No Programming Experience Required
This Robotics courses are designed for aspiring robot builders. The experience is also great for kids who love to build things and want to learn more about programming and mechanical concepts. These courses will challenge young minds to think critically and work together with others to solve problems.

6 Levels

Each Level Duration: Twice per week, total of 16 hours