Use “Alice” software to build fun, user-friendly “virtual” and “dynamic” worlds with graphics and sound. Learn the concepts of modern programming using graphics, objects, and building “virtual worlds” using Alice, Carnegie Mellon’s graphics-rich teaching environment. Call upon Alice, the Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, penguins, and other graphics to learn event-driven programming, sequencing, looping, logic structures, recursion (structure and object repetition) variables, arrays, and incorporating text and sound.
This course is for beginning programmers and web designers and developers, people interested in 2-D and 3-D modeling and simulation, students who have never taken a programming course, and students who may have learned other languages and are interested in learning about modern object-based programming languages.

Course Objectives:

  1. Create beginning object-oriented computer programs to solve problems
  2. Understand event and object-driven programs
  3. Apply and understand algorithm and logical programming concepts including logical structure, selection and branching sequences, loops, counters, “while” statements and Boolean logic.
  4. Apply and develop programming lists and arrays
  5. Use and apply text and sound in software programs

Who Should Attend: Alice

Ages 13-17 | No programming experience is necessary, but familiarity with doing common tasks using Windows is expected.
3 Levels